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2016 Center for Change Inservice

Annual Inservice

At CFC At Home
CFC Annual Life Safety Training Annual training Annual training
UHS Annual Video Training Video Inservice Video Inservice
CFC Annual Service Excellence Inservice Service Excellence Service Excellence
State of the Company Address 2016 - May
Michael E. Berrett, PhD - CEO
Video Video
CFC Workplace Violence Training Workplace Violence Training Workplace Violence Training

Staff Orientation

Care Tech Orientation Orientation Materials Orientation Materials

Monthly Inservice

January 2016 - CFC Dietary Approach for Treatment Inservice 01/20/2016 Inservice 01/20/2016
February 2016 - Handling Difficult Patient Situations Inservice 02/17/2016 Inservice 02/17/2016
March 2016 - Communication Inservice 03/16/2016 Inservice 03/16/2016
April 2016 - Working with Veterans/Military Dependents and Documentation Inservice 04/20/2016 Inservice 04/20/2016
May 2016 - State of the Company & Interprofessional Colaboration Inservice 05/11/2016 Inservice 05/11/2016
June 2016 - Treating Adolescents Inservice 06/8/2016 Inservice 06/8/2016
July 2016 - UHS Risk Management - Patient Observation Rounds Inservice 07/13/2016 Inservice 07/13/2016
August 2016 - Medical Management Inservice 08/10/2016 Inservice 08/10/2016
September 2016 - Understanding Addiction September 2016 HealthStream September 2016 HealthStream
October 2016 - Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Assessment of Aggressive / Homicidal Patients Inservice 10/12/2016 Inservice 10/12/2016
November 2016 - Suicide Assessment Inservice 11/16/2016 Inservice 11/16/2016

UM Training

Perfecting the UM Process (Part 1) with Stacey Brown, RN
Clinical, Dietary, & UM Staff
Training (Part 1)
Training (Part 1)
Perfecting the UM Process (Part 2) with Stacey Brown, RN
Clinical, Dietary, & UM Staff
Training (Part 2)
Training (Part 2)
Documentation Essentials - What you do Matters! with Stacey Brown, RN
Nursing & Direct Care Staff

Other Inservice

Trauma and The Body - An Introduction to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Sarah T. Hubbard, PhD
Brown Bag Lunch Brown Bag Lunch
Stephanie Nielson Speach Speach
Door Security Training Training Training
CFC CODE BLUE Training CODE BLUE Training CODE BLUE Training
CFC Medical H&P Training H&P Inservice H&P Inservice
CFC APRN ECG Training (Optional) Basic 12-Lead ECG Interpertation EKG Inservice EKG Inservice
CFC Nursing EKG Training EKG Inservice EKG Inservice
Fall Precautions Training Video
Iann Johnson, RN
Training Video Training Video
UHS Corporate - Circumstantial Life Changes Corp Slide Presentation Corp Slide Presentation
UHS Corporate - Insulin Administration by Syringe Corp Slide Presentation Corp Slide Presentation
Training Day
Jeff Anderson, CFO
Come On; Help Out Come On; Help Out
Computer Trainings
Jeff Anderson, CFO
Computer Training Computer Training
Self-Service - Van Training Van Inservice Van Inservice
Center for Change Past Conferences Archive
CFC 2012 Corporate Service Excellence Award Application Video Video