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Your database has been set up in the cloud, you should receive an email with your credentials.

Here are some links which should help get you started once you've gotten your credentials.

Login page: Login
First time Setup Guide: First Time Setup Guide
Password Change Guide: Password Change Guide

Here are the credentials for your additional users:

Login page: Login


Jennifer.Gill@eshacloud (All Dietitians)
Megan.Guynn@eshacloud (All Kitchen Staff)
James.Longhurst@eshacloud (IT Configuration)
Jeff.Anderson@eshacloud (IT Configuration)

Temporary Password: Eshacloud01

For this initial login, the page should show you (in red text) that you will need to change your password. This is by design to force you to change the password to one of your own choosing.

Click the blue "here" link, and follow the steps to change the password to one of your choosing. Note passwords must meet each of the following criteria:
At least 8 characters in length
Does not contain your account or full name
Contains at least three of the following four character groups:
English uppercase letter (A-Z)
English lowercase letter (a-z)
Numeral (0-9)
Non-alphanumeric characters (such as !, $, #, %)

After clicking Submit, you will likely return to this same page. Click the OK button, and then enter the same username, and your new password just created. You should then be in and see the icon(s) for ESHA Software (etc).

From there, some potentially helpful Setup Guides: First Time Setup for PC

Important Note, if using a MAC you will need to follow this specific guide for accessing the system (If you have previously been using Microsoft Remote Desktop for access you will need to make configuration changes)

First Time Setup for Mac

Jared Brewer
ESHA Research - Customer Support
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